Fyve is a Mobile Phone Music Distribution App, that allows music makers and creators to upload their music from their smart phones without having to submit tons of paperwork and music through web based aggregator or label services.

As a mobile distribution tool, servicing the African continent, the first of its kind on the continent, Fyve is on a mission to deliver cutting edge, accessible, high tech to the man on the street. Fyve’s vision is to reduce the digital gap between creatives and technology and make distributing music as natural as making it.

There is currently no Mobile Distribution App that solely services the African Market independent bug has bitten a lot of young millennial creatives and its only growing from here.

What FYVE will do is create a platform for these creators to plug straight to the DSP’s conveniently with insights as to who’s listening, where, the status and finances of their releases in different territories across various stores.

Go to fyveapp.co.za for more information.

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