Lil Wayne honorary “I am Hip Hop” BET Award 2018

Weezy  received the honorary “I Am Hip Hop”award Tuesday night during the airing of the 2018 BET Hip Hop Awards, for his long contribution to the Hip-Hop Culture.
Here’s a clip of the speech:

“When I say, ‘refuse,’ there’s a man in New Orleans, his name is Uncle Bob. He came into an apartment one day. He bust in the door, guns drawn—he saw nobody. He saw legs on the floor. It was my legs. He saw blood everywhere. Bunch of police hopped over me. He refused to do so. I never knew, I talked to him the other day, I never knew EMS was on the scene. He said EMS tried twice and they told him, ‘There’s nothing.’ He refused to let that die.”

Congratulations Weezy!


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