Green Scooter introduces the safest and first electric motor-tricycle in the African market

Green Scooter ZA is a South African based company founded by Fezile Dhlamini, specialising in design, assembly, development, manufacturing and selling of high-performance fully electric vehicles and advanced electric vehicle powertrain components. They currently offer two models, the Zbee Cargo and the Zbee RS, aimed at consumers and businesses.

The Zbee, a fully electric vehicle on three wheels, is targeted at daily commuters who are in need of a last-mile ride and consumers who would like to own an affordable electric vehicle for short- to medium-distance trips. It seats a driver and two passengers.

Its beefier cousin, the Zbee Cargo, sports a secure cargo hold instead of passenger seats. It can be used for quick and easy deliveries around town or as a business hub on wheels for service providers like computer technicians, real estate agents or electricians.

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