Stogie T #FreestyleFriday Collection

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Let’s do the dance like Usher You Pootie Tang’s buckle I am Wu Tang nutting to fuck with Brute strength, Bruce Banner Braun over muscle Born of the hustle Loose canon Blowing the muzzle Like how them Lady day southern fruits hang The noose strangle my uncle From booze cans that he suckle The who, where and the what part of the struggle The heirlooms and cards dealt us was unshuffled New scandal, news camera vans out for Anybody who stumbles revenge of the sock puppets jungle boogie, Kool and the Gang trumpets Crab buckets armed youngins, Drug addicts Blow villages in the DRC with rockets Company man take minerals to Nantucket We rambunctious, we crafty, ran numbers We ashy, we dusty whatever shine lust it When you get burnt by soup, you fan custard That’s word to my O.Gs Malian butler Sabre open bubbly with a cutlass It’s lonely up there he comfy in the comforts Carrara white marble, elevator car lift Crystal chandeliers all above him Dreams limitless infinity pools Home theatre cinema rooms And the six car garages Supercharge whips on call Swedish massages Payback for manmade Induced famines The boats sailed Africa’s ground zero Rope chains for slaves American Apparel Dolce the frames to see a little clearer No pain’s in vain Pebbles support a barrel Thats game nigga from the dark you either Bruce Wayne or Bane nigga Rich stuff in the pound cake nigga Cake, cake, cake , nah wait Drake, Jay, Face, Andre Tre Frank White, Nasir and Lamar K And Prokid, bury me in the same grave Pain and jail Lay offs, hatred, fails The brave gon’ cake up still The pampered are raised off paper, braille default nature, frail We want cake but we privilege legacy Family over everything live like the Medellins Married to poverty stand on ceremony Neocolonial alchemy minus the wedding ring Let freedom ring Never too green for dollar bills As a kid I couldn’t climb Banana trees But I could detach Russian banana clips From the AK47 my momma hid Every rooster crows on its own dunghill I am done here You close but no Dunhill Oil price swings Private equity deals go bust quick Blame Covid19 I am still here cold as I been Kobe Bryant Bean Mamba blood stream

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A collection of S.A Hip hop legend Stogie T’s #FreestyleFriday videos picking a beat and lacing it with a freestyle verse. The challenge is then passed on to lyricists he handpicks himself.

View some of the best freestyles from the series below, and follow the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram for more. We will be posting some of the best free styles shared by the OG himself. Keep posted.

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