j-hope – Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G) (VIDEO)


Watch J-hope official music for Chicke Noodle Soup.

Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G)

Produced by JINBO, Supreme Boi, Pdogg

(JINBO, Supreme Boi, ADORA, j-hope, Brasa, Pdogg, Becky G)

Keyboard – JINBO, Supreme Boi

Synthesizer – JINBO, Pdogg

Rhythm Programming – JINBO, Supreme Boi, Pdogg

Background Vocal – ADORA, Supreme Boi, Becky G, JINBO

Original Writers : Jamal Reynolds, Bianca Dupree, Desmond ‘Troy’ Ryan, Anthony Glover

*Incorporating elements of “Chicken Noodle Soup” written by Jamal Reynolds, Bianca Dupree, Desmond ‘Troy’ Ryan and Anthony Glover. Published by Notting Dale Songs, Inc., Concord Bicycle Assets, LLC and Scrilla Hill Music Publishing. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Becky G appears courtesy of Kemosabe/RCA Records

Mix Engineer – Jaycen Joshua for The Penua Project at Larrabee Sound Studios, North Hollywood, CA (Assisted by Jacob Richards, Mike Seaberg & DJ Riggins)

Mastering Engineer – Chris Gehringer @ Sterling Sound, New York, USA

Cover Artwork ©dongilee2019

courtesy Pibigallery

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