Ticketpro launches Covid-Zero Online Platform

A subsidiary of Blue Label Telecoms, Ticketpro, has launched a new online streaming platform for musicians, artists, comedians, performers and all other acts to showcase their talents. All tickets sales will be donated to support these artists during the lockdown, and fund community care packages.

This is in light COVID-19 outbreak that has brought the global entertainment business to a standstill with all shows and festivals cancelled.


Entertainment is a big source of happiness. And the quest for happiness is what keeps people moving forward with purpose. Covid-Zero puts entertainment first, giving artists, comedians and others a virtual concert stage to keep performing, engaging with you, their fans, and spreading positive lockdown messaging and good vibes. For performers in lockdown, online is the new live.

All you have to do is buy a ticket, sit back and watch, from the safety and comfort of your own home. Ticket sales will be donated directly to support the entertainers and will fund the manufacture and distribution of Care Packages including masks, hand sanitisers, food vouchers and safety information to communities across South Africa.

To give our audiences a voice in the silence, we are also offering you a ‘fans first’ option of voting for whom you would like to see perform. Our Gallery page will have photos of our wonderful Covid-Zero supporters dressed up for the concerts in their own homes and pictures of the distribution of Care Packages into our communities. You also have the option of making an additional donation to communities. Helping to take Covid-19 to Covid-Zero.


Covid-Zero is aimed at providing a platform for entertainers to do what they do best, for fans to support them and to donate toward the Trust Blu Foundation’s Covid-Zero campaign, a social development enterprise that delivers hand sanitisers, mask, food vouchers and safety information to communities in need.

Entertainment is provided virtually and fans can buy tickets and have the option to make an additional donation to communities.

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