‘End of Life’: Behind the song by Lord Bae


LordBae formally known as Thabang Theletsane born 27 June, hails from Sebokeng in the Vaal (Southern Gauteng; South Africa). Growing up young Thabang loved dancing and would regularly perform at special events and family gatherings.

LordBae has a Diploma in Graphic Design. In the midst of attaining his qualification, the music bug bit, he then started writing music and his debut single OG being one of them. Whilst doing his B-Tech his passion for music intensified thus pushing him to focus full time on music. He also aspires to do collaborations with various artists of whom he looks up to.


What inspired this song was the fact that a lot of people are reverting to the extremes of suicide as a solution to solving their problems. I have always been against such actions and as a result, it pushed me to write “End Life”.

I wrote it with the hopes that it will motivate people to chase their dreams and not get phased by problems they face during their journeys to success or whatever they are working towards. People need to realise that God has different plans and timelines for each and every one of us, we just need to know how to cope and deal with the all the challenges that come into contact with on our individual journeys.

All in all, this song is made to erase the thoughts of suicide in people’s minds and help them get through whatever problems they have without having to walk that route.

LordBae has since released an EP “The Catalog” which is available on all major digital platforms. End Life is his first official release for 2020 and will be available on all major digital platforms as of 28 August 2020.

This was an enclusive coverage of the single End of Life by Lord Bae. - loxionhub.com

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